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backcountry.church is an ecclesia, a church, based on the original meaning, intention and practice of the early church. We are neither an internet based church nor a brick-n-mortar church.... but backcountry.church can be lived out at either. It can also be practiced on a trail, in a home, a coffee shop or just about anywhere. backcountry.church is where you can connect with God through daily and weekly posted content, you can engage with us and others in our communities, and where everyone is welcome. Whether you are an atheist or a Christ-follower, or just trying to figure this God thing out, you are welcome. We believe in creating platforms where people can have encounters with Christ, while doing what they love, enjoying nature in the backcountry or wherever they may be!

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While we don't meet in a physical location, we want to equip you to engage with God and others while you are out and about through weekly messages, as well as other items of interest. Follow us on social media to get the latest updates as we post them!

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While we do not meet in one physical location, we equip you to meet with others while you are out on your latest adventure. Download the message that will post each Friday, prior to you embarking on the next trail, summit, or event.
Periodically, we will have live events which will be an opportunity to meet those on the journey with you!

We have Online Groups on our app or via web messaging! Check them out and start a conversation with fellow enthusiasts! We want to do life together as the church,  and  our groups is the way we do that!
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Where to next?

Pastor Kyle Windsor has a passion for hiking. His latest accomplishment is hiking 215 miles of the John Muir Trail from Yosemite to the top of Mount Whitney. Where to next? Follow Kyle and backcountry.church on social media and let us know where you are off to next!